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A Year of Minimalism- My learnings and experience

December 27, 2017

Beginning 2017, I set “Minimalism” as my Motto.   It was a year I experienced simple and minimalist living, out of choice. I spent less, I was more mindful, I chose freedom above anything else. To chart out a path for myself, I researched about it more and more and ended up writing a Book “A-Z of Minimalism” The Book helped me to discover the areas of my Life that need Minimalism.   Minimalism is not replacing the colorful things…

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Luxury and Minimalism

April 14, 2017
luxury needs

When we mention our Luxury needs, we think about buying a new and latest product, We think Consumerism. Luxuries of the past becomes necessities of the present. Luxury and Minimalism can ho hand-in-hand. You ask How when Minimalism itself means Less stuff. We all want to own Stuff but the aim here is to not own anything but best for you, for your family. When you own best, small things will also be counted in Luxury. Minimalist Luxury does not…

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April 13, 2017

There is always a part of ourselves which try to cling to the past, no matter sad or happy. This is the reason we all keep sentimental things with us. We can never think about parting with them. Though, these Keepsakes are a wonderful way to reminisce but what if we don’t cherish them.   We had a bag full of childhood Albums but it was never a clutter because we used to take them out whenever any relative visited…

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Earn experiences

April 6, 2017
buy experiences not things

Buy experiences not things. Spending on experiences makes people happier than spending on things. Things get broken and go out of style. Experiences get better every time you talk about them. – Jean Chatzky One would ask- What do you do with your life if you are not spending time shopping, watching TV, scrolling through social media or maintaining the stuff you own? The answer is simple- The things you always wanted to do but blamed the time. The day…

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How having less money is leading me to Minimalism

December 30, 2016

Minimalist Living is all the rage these days. Few months back, it was a mystery to me but as I am trying to delve into it, its becoming simpler. Having less money to spend can be painful but nothing else can teach you some indispensable Life lessons. It brought me closer to Minimalist Living.   For the next 365 days, we will keep our expenditures low on unnecessary household things, ready to eat food items and entertainment purchases. Its not…

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