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Indian Maternity benefit act amendment

August 26, 2016
maternity benefit

Do you have 2 children and expecting third? If yes, then nothing much has changed for you. New Maternity benefit act extends the leave from 12 weeks to 26 weeks but only for the first and second time Mothers. Sadly, Who has been left behind is more than 90% of women who works in Unorganized sector: Women who are free-lancers Women who does home-based work like Papad making or Embroidery making. Women who work from home for different employers at…

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Wordy Wednesday – Oh dear Motherhood

March 9, 2016

Oh dear Motherhood I rise, I fall Just a minute, its another call Motherhood has arrived which made me sleep deprived. I try to be perfect which has its own effect You made me Jack of all trades while expecting some accolades. Juggling with tasks collecting memories in a cask. Sometimes I am guilty doubting my own ability I am adapting with time ticking my responsibilities like a mime. Things are messy its not that easy which at times drive…

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