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Love for so called Sad songs

April 9, 2017
emotional sad music

My first tryst with slow-moving emotional sad music was back to my childhood when my Mother used to hum or listen them on the audio tape recorder. I used to hate them for the pace they move at. And then one day I started loving them out of my Mother’s surprise. She smiled mischievously as if she sensed something. The love for those songs never left me since then. I was wrong as I assumed that Sad songs make you…

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An open letter to Rap singers by a Mother

March 29, 2017
rap music for kids

Ever cringed at the meanings of Lyrics in the latest songs belted out by Rappers or worry that Rap Music for Kids may be destructive?   Whats up Rappers, I am a Mother of a Toddler who wish to share her concern with you all on behalf of every Parent. The other day while I was driving back Home, my 2 YO wished turning on the Radio to tune in to FM. This has become our routine and daily dose…

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Music is What I am Grateful for

January 28, 2016

Music makes us smile it makes us relax Music helps us express it makes us laugh Music soaks our soul in the sea of joy Music found us or We found Music Just as God needs Devotees, Music also needs an ear to listen, Mind to linger on, and a Tongue to hum. It does not have any language nor it has any boundaries. When you feel low or knocked out and no one to share your feelings with, there…

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