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Kids getting Dirty are rare species- Let them not extinct

July 30, 2018
kids getting dirty

Kids playing outdoors and Kids getting dirty has become a rare scene. No wonder when a guy who noticed my Son playing and rolling¬†in the stones and sand lying out in one corner of the Park, started recording him. I was not surprised but my Son was. He asked me “Mumma, why he was making a video of mine” I said to myself “because Kids like you are endangered species” and smiled back.   Are Screens the only culprit or…

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How to raise Kids as Nature lovers? Activities your Kids can engage in.

March 14, 2018
nature activities for kids

When we were Kids, we used to run behind butterflies, catch fireflies, dig a hole to find Dwarfs, play with stray puppies, get dirty while playing with mud, lie under the stars for hours. What not! It came naturally to us as we did not have access to Screens and Entertainment meant to be Outdoors.   But now when the whole definition of Entertainment is transformed, getting Kids Outdoors has become an art every Parent need to learn. But Why?…

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