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Parenting as a Minimalist : Using Eco-friendly alternatives for new born

August 13, 2018
minimalist parenting newborn essentials

Like every newbie Parent, I too started making a list of essentials we would need for our new-born. You browse the Internet and you would find an endless number of things. Blame the consumerist culture which makes us believe that we would need all which is available in the market. With my first child, I too wanted MORE for my Kid. All for LOVE.   I started following MINIMALISM in 2017 which not only made me more aware of my buying…

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Sleepless nights: Fantastico experience

January 27, 2016

Are you a Sleep deprived mom? Sleepless is a new adjective in my life adding to my other self-proclaimed traits. I had never been an early bird despite my multiple resolutions nor I had a habit to hit the bed before the clock strike 12. But then that’s enough of sleep- 7 hrs for a normal person. I wonder if I am no more a normal person now. How much would I sleep, I crave for some more. Is this…

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