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Dealing with people and unsolicited advice

May 4, 2016
unsolicited advice

Unsolicited advice is a common thing in our country. Every Parent has to face it. ‘WEAK’ is a haunted word to me. It’s been overused by people around, to the point of losing its original meaning. Let’s not confuse it with slim. This interchanging of words has become ingrained enough in our psyche as to become a cliché. I was a lean but active child- fond of butter and paneer. Despite my love for milk products, I did not ever have…

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The plastics : Do not welcome them Home early

April 17, 2016
the plastics

When I was preparing myself to welcome a new Life, I searched every nook and corner of the Internet for all the Do’s and Don’ts. Like many, I am always concerned with the health of my loved ones. This makes me look for good alternatives to mitigate the effects that pollution and adulteration is bringing. The Plastics have entered our lives like other luxuries and never left. They are now ubiquitous serving vessels. Decades ago the only baby bottles available to…

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World Without Diapers – A Reality

March 4, 2016

[clickandtweet handle=”lifebioscope” hashtag=”parenting” related=”” layout=”” position=””]I had a dream….of World without Diapers and then a voice wakes me up[/clickandtweet]; it’s changing time for my toddler. We cannot imagine a single day without this little thing woven from Polymer pallets- Day care or Outings, this is a must. It’s easy when you have to hand off your baby to someone when you are out on a job. My dream led me to search for making it come true. And then I…

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