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Marriage is not a promise of “Happily ever after”

January 6, 2018
happily ever after marriage

The day she got married, she thought it will be the end to her sorrows that she found her prince now. She happily entered her new House. Day and Night, she worked to make it a Home. As days unfolded, her beliefs started shattering and everything seemed to prove her wrong. It was not her Happily-ever world anymore.   Quarrels over small things, Arguments over silly topics and Partner’s irresponsible behavior was making her Marriage different from dreams.   She…

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Gift Clutter – How to get rid of it

April 8, 2017
minimalist gift giving

Ever since I remember, I always gifted the person as per their current needs or personal tastes. It feels bad to know that your Gift added no purpose in their lives but to the clutter. Isn’t it? As I am exploring this Minimalism Lifestyle, I am happy to learn more about it. I am going step by step with applying this theory into each aspect slowly. The area still unexplored is Minimalist gift giving.   Minimalist gift giving These days…

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I wish we all have an instruction manual

January 10, 2017
deal with me

Do you ever feel the need of a manual while dealing with people? Honestly, I do.  I feel the need of “deal with me manual” every-time I have to explain myself- my needs and my reactions. I stumbled upon this page few days ago and wonder what if we have something similar before entering into our Marriages. Would our lives be different if we had swapped our respective manuals before Marriage or things would be more awkward? Before you draw…

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He did not miss even single year

September 11, 2016
flowers with love

Have you ever received Flowers from someone?  There must be a smile on your face now, remembering the day. He send these little petals packed into bundle of joy to my way  every year without a miss. He does not only follow the tradition but put his heart each time. He carefully and selectively chooses the colors just to see me smile when I look at them. He know my favorites and never forget to include the one in a…

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She asked – Do you still love me?

April 6, 2016
do you still love me

“Do you still love me” is a question which often resides in minds of people who are married for a few years now. Sometimes, we doubt our relationship amidst all the crisis life has to witness. Spooky questions cloud our minds which leave us with qualms. Is it loosing its spark? Does he/she love me anymore? What has changed? Bad patches in life make the things blurry. As time passes, we started doubting our relationship which gets overloaded with responsibilities.…

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