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How having less money is leading me to Minimalism

December 30, 2016

Minimalist Living is all the rage these days. Few months back, it was a mystery to me but as I am trying to delve into it, its becoming simpler. Having less money to spend can be painful but nothing else can teach you some indispensable Life lessons. It brought me closer to Minimalist Living.   For the next 365 days, we will keep our expenditures low on unnecessary household things, ready to eat food items and entertainment purchases. Its not…

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Personal Audit – My Year in review

December 20, 2016
year in review

Hey, WAIT! Do not go by the caption….Its not about Finance but my year in review. I am not keeping up the resolutions this time too. They doesn’t work- at least not for me. That is why I made not to do list at the start of this year. Honestly, I did not polished off all but at least followed 60% of them.   Did you had any resolutions for this year? I have a huge respect for those who…

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