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Why we don’t have TV at our Home?

September 13, 2020
effects of television on children

We don’t have Television at our Home. When we shifted to our new house last year, I discussed with my partner about the negative effects of television on children and we both agreed that TV will not find a place in our Home as we have 2 small kids. Audio version of the post– Honestly, being a kid, we loved our TV time as we did not have other options of entertainment. Despite fewer options, we used to enjoy it.…

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Generation Today : Childhood ending soon

October 17, 2015

Playing with mud and making toys out of it, running behind butterflies, catching fireflies are now the things of the past. Gone are the days when Children discuss about fairy tales, fictional world and childish topics. Lost are those story telling by Dadis and Nanis(Grandparents). Their Utopian world has been replaced by Current affairs and Social media. Awww! Poor Kids. THAT BLACK SCREEN Be it TV, Tablets, Laptops,Mobiles or Video consoles- Children are stick to these screens for good part…

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