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Be more ‘in the moment’

April 24, 2017
unplug from technology

I always remember my Father saying “Excess of everything is bad”.  I realize this fact is true everywhere – Be it Food, Exercise or Technology. In today’s world where everyone has access to overdose of information-Each one of us need to unplug from technology on daily basis. With my full time IT Job, I need some time to rewind and refresh after a long day in front of the screen. At the end of the day, I feel like a…

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Hunt for best status is no more

September 25, 2016
best status

Last week, my Niece was searching for an apt Whatsapp status. She was starting a new life and saying goodbyes to the past. She was entering a golden period of life- College Life. She poked me for the one but I couldn’t be of much help. I have an answer now – Best Whatsapp Status. She was so happy when I introduced her to this awesome website, showering love  to her Masi. Are you always on a hunt for a…

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Affimity: A social-media platform which cares for Your Interests

February 2, 2016

A Social  Media platform which offers you Interest specific groups is like a feather in the cap in the world of Internet when there is so much out there. When we all are demanding an extra hour in this fast-paced world, Affimity fetches required results with lesser efforts and time. You switch ON the internet and content is huge, waiting for your attention. You just scroll down and down to find the relevant information, which match your interests. Sometimes, your…

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