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Paragliding was on my Bucket List

January 20, 2016
paragliding in india

Paragliding in India has gain popularity in recent years. In my previous post on Bucket list, I did not mention about my ex-wish:  Paragliding. Unlike me, my Husband does not love adventure. It put me off sometimes but then, I have to accept that we all are born different. Partners are not necessarily alike- We both are not for sure 😉 I got a chance to tick off my wish 3 years back while we were in Darjelling. It was…

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You need an Off…Sometimes

December 16, 2015
trip to mussoorie

Do you need a Break? I definitely needed one from my Monotonous routine and so does my Bestie, as we are engrossed with our hectic jobs and crazy kids. But nothing could be planned the way we wanted. Finally, without pondering much over the destination, we decided for a trip to Mussoorie. However, it doesn’t offer much but its perfect for a 2-day trip. While I was jolting down the stopping places,  I realized that I was left with no…

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