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Only a Blogger can feel the true worth of it

September 29, 2016
blog awards

Wohoo! I am a Versatile Blogger.   No No, I am not boasting but My Blogging companions feel that. Thank you Suchitra of momlife for nominating my Blog for this lovely award. Only a Blogger can feel the true worth of these blog awards. It takes our Soul and mind to write and when these words get little appreciation, I fly in wisdom. My emotional side turns up every now and then. I cry often- while watching movie, while reading…

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Purba Chakraborty@Love Laugh and Reflect: A day in the life of a Blogger

August 19, 2016
life of a blogger

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work. – Emile Zola We are back with a versatile, well-known personality and infectious smile – Purba Chakraborty. Her blog “Love Laugh and Reflect” was born on 29th April, 2014. She explore places- fiction, flash fiction, poems, real life anecdotes, musings and travelogues- all under one hood. Handing over my space to lovely Lady- When Upasna of Life Through my Bioscope sent me an email, inviting me…

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