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Girl ! Don’t you dare step out

August 10, 2017
women being molested

*What was she doing on Road at 12 in the night?* *And she was drunk too*   Did anyone questioned the presence of Men around her or if Why they are drunk? No, because our Brains are hardwired to question Females, right from the childhood. Be it any stage of Life – Childhood, Youth, Married or otherwise, Mother or Grandmother- We are free to question her Decisions, her Choices and her way of Living.   The other day when Family…

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An open letter to Rap singers by a Mother

March 29, 2017
rap music for kids

Ever cringed at the meanings of Lyrics in the latest songs belted out by Rappers or worry that Rap Music for Kids may be destructive?   Whats up Rappers, I am a Mother of a Toddler who wish to share her concern with you all on behalf of every Parent. The other day while I was driving back Home, my 2 YO wished turning on the Radio to tune in to FM. This has become our routine and daily dose…

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