Which type of Minimalist are you?

June 4, 2019
types of minimalists

“MINIMALIST”- If you have already heard this term, that’s great. If Not- Read this and you will get a fair idea.

Summarizing it here for you-

A Minimalist is one who believes that collecting experiences is better than collecting things.

Like every other theory, there are many different ways to practice Minimalism too. We can say that there are many paths for one to follow this journey. Types of Minimalists can be defined according to these different ways to follow Minimalism.

Types of Minimalists

Start from Zero

types of minimalists
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The ones who believe the only way they can follow Minimalism is to sell out everything, at first.

They begin with an empty space.

This path is an extreme one.


types of minimalists
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People turn Vegan. 

They stop using vehicles for short distances. 

They stop using leather products. They stop using Plastics.

They stay close to nature.

They focus on lessening the harm they make to the environment.

Backpackers or Digital Nomads

types of minimalists
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They celebrate their Freedom by traveling around the world.

They spend more exploring the world rather than accumulating stuff.

Their don’t want to own anything and rent in the necessities.

Their aim is to pack their entire wardrobe in 1 or 2 suitcase.

Slow and Steady

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They make de-clutter a regular habit.

They go slow. They measure their progress frequently.

They see Minimalism as a journey and not destination.

They don’t obsess over the number of things.

Passion seekers

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They prefer flexible jobs rather than chair bound Office Jobs.

They switch to less demanding Job to join their favorite hobby class.

They don’t want to Earn more to Spend more.

More articles on Minimalism- HERE

Do you consider yourself a minimalist? Which type are you?

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