Why we all should have a Bucket List

November 28, 2015

Wishing is Healthy. We live for these wishes -sometimes ours and sometimes our loved one’s.

It started with the Indian Movie “Dasvidaniya” which was about the things to be done before death, that I started creating my Wish List. And then I heard about the American comedy-drama filmThe Bucket List“.

The term has gained popularity since then. Its again a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and things you desire to experience before you die.

I googled ..a lottt.. for the term to find out the preferences of different people from different countries, different cultures and different age-groups.

Believe me, it was interesting and surprising too for me as an Indian. This was because I hardly found any Indian writing about the topic.

A question never left my mind since then-

  • Are we Indians so content that we don’t have any wishes to be fulfilled before we leave or
  • We don’t give priorities to our own wishes or lastly..
  • We don’t like share them.



I am so curious about the answers. Pitch in guys…Sharing is good

bucket list

Don’t pile up!

Children are seen to be very determined for their wish lists. But as we grow up, we tend to pile up those wish lists due to the other priorities in life.



Why List Down

You must be thinking that what is the need to list down the things which are in our mind. But once we enter into the survival race, these wishes take a backseat unless we don’t refresh them.

If its not that important – Why a Person hitting their 60s have too many left in their plate.

This should not be the case if we list down our wishes and tick them periodically.

So, start it right away>>

Make a List

Done! Now, Get set go

  • Review list frequently
  • Discuss with others
  • Set apart some funds

My Bucket List!

As other IT people, I rarely get time to mark my wishes ticked . However, I still have hope to fulfill all the wishes in my plate before I kick the bucket. bucket list

I wish..

To join Kathak classes

To speak only what I truly mean

Learn to cook good and healthy snacks

To do Scuba diving

To take part in a Marathon (ticked)

To work against human trafficking

Become an Early Riser

To have my 1-year old in front of my eyes 24*7 without losing my job (more of a Virtual wish)…and some more 😉

Please yourself

Make a wish which pleases you not your followers.

In a Selfie obsessed world, people do whatever looks good not what feels good.

Do what gives real happiness rather than Selfie-friendly wish. Social media has not only influenced our time but also our Goals.


Share you Bucket list and how you are planning to tick them off. Hope we get some new and exciting ideas.

Wishes are essential for us to live and to make each day worth living.

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